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Electronic Voting Machines will enhance public trust and transparency in elections: Analysts
November 30, 2021

Asif Khan (General Secretary, Overseas Pakistanis Welfare Council): The overseas Pakistani community is overwhelmed with excitement for being provided with the 'Right to vote'. The currently incumbent government has fulfilled their promise. The opposition parties should not deprive the expatriate Pakistani community from their basic democratic right. The Electronic Voting Machine will increase the level of transparency of general elections. The bureaucratic structures should also play a constructive role in enhancing the transparency of general elections. The Pakistani community abroad is determined to contribute in the development of their homeland. The PTI-led government has reduced the temporal and spatial gap between overseas communities and their home country by introducing an inclusive system of voting.

Riaz Hassan (Overseas Pakistan/PTI Leader): The decision of Prime Minister Imran Khan is being cordially welcomed by the overseas Pakistani community. The PTI-led government should be appreciated for their vision of establishing an inclusive voting system in Pakistan. The efforts of Prime Minister Imran Khan for digitalization of voting mechanisms are commendable. The nation of Pakistan needs innovation in their thinking patterns and they should focus on digitalization of official processes. Moreover, the Pakistani nation needs to broaden their horizon of the parameters for voting a candidate in elections. In the 21st century, it sounds absurd that people still vote on the basis of caste system. There is a dire need to enlighten our nation about the importance of digitalization for their progress. 

Dr. Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig (IR Expert): The political parties should shun their political differences as CPEC is a matter of national interest. The infrastructure development is imperative for CPEC to be completely functional. Gawadar port is a trump card that can change the fate of the economy of Pakistan. Pakistan-China relations, both political and economic, have passed the test of the time and further collaboration will yield a win-win situation for both parties. The establishment of special economic zones will help increase job opportunities for youth of Pakistan. The incumbent governments across borders have well-managed the global pandemic crisis. Both parties are vigilant of the COVID situation and the CPEC project will stay immune from the havoc of pandemic.