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Experts denounce Israel’s unabated barbarism against Palestinians
April 11, 2024

Abdullah Gul (Analyst): Pakistan is very clear about its policy on Middle East. It has always emphasized for a peaceful approach while dealing with the conflict in Gaza. The whole world community including the United Nations have called for restraint and stopping of Israel’s genocide of Palestinians. Pakistan raised the issue time and again at the United Nations and also urged for an arms embargo on Israel. It vociferously supports the right of Palestinians to an independent state and condemns the barbarism of Israeli government.  

Waheed Ahmad (Former Ambassador): On this auspicious occasion of Eid ul Fitr, Muslims in Occupied Kashmir and Palestine are suffering at the hands of occupying powers. We, as Muslims, should remember them. As a country and state, it is our responsibility to raise voice at all international forums against these injustices to innocent Muslims. The United States is the main backer of Israel and it has been fully supporting its genocide of Palestinians. Options available to Muslim Ummah are limited in Gaza conflict but they can exert indirect pressure on Israel through friendly Western countries.