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Analysts urge Afghan govt to ensure its soil is not used for terrorism activities against neighboring countries
April 25, 2024

Dr. Ahmed Saeed Minhas (Defense Analyst): Unfortunately, the land of our neighboring Muslim country is being used for terrorist activities in Pakistan. When the interim government in Afghanistan was formed the stakeholders agreed that Afghan soil will not be used against any other country but the interim government in Afghanistan failed to fulfill its commitment. Pakistan has provided shelters to over four million Afghan refugees for the last many decades. On the other hand, the Afghan government is backing the militant organization in its country to carry out terrorist activities in Pakistan. Pakistan shares long borders with Afghanistan and Iran. During the recent visit of the Iranian president to Pakistan, both Pakistan and Iran agreed to peacefully resolve the border issues. Whenever a militant is apprehended or killed by our security forces, it is proved that the attacks were being operated from Afghan soil. The Afghan government is either turning a blind eye or providing them sanctuary. It is a matter of grave concern that Afghan militants are using modern weapons that were in the use of NATO forces earlier.

Dr. Dost Muhammad (IR Expert): Terrorism is one of the biggest challenges that Pakistan has been facing. A spike in terror attacks has been observed in the last few months. The stakeholders need to adopt a comprehensive strategy to wipe out the menace of terrorism from its roots. In Balochistan, the dynamics of the terrorism is different as that of in KPK. The government and security forces need to adopt different strategies by leaving no loophole for the terrorists. Unfortunately, there is a nexus of RAW, NDS and TTP and the militants are using Afghan soil for their nefarious designs against Pakistan. In my opinion, Pakistan miscalculated the takeover of Afghan Taliban in Afghanistan. Pakistan must also have signed an agreement with the Afghan government for not allowing use of its soil against Pakistan by the militants. Now the Taliban government is using TTP as a tool to pressurize Pakistan.