Wednesday, 29 November 2023, 12:26:40 am
Analyst terms India’s Hindutva policies a major hurdle in way of peaceful South Asia
December 29, 2022

Major General (Retd) Samrez Salik (Defense Analyst): The whole region of South Asia is suffering due to irresponsible and arrogant behaviour of India to its neighbors especially towards Pakistan. India’s strategic thought is basically driven by Hindutva philosophy which is based on theory of conflict. The recent conditional desire of peace by Pakistan is basically a determination of its consistent approach of creating an atmosphere of peace and stability in the whole region. Unfortunately, India being a revisionist state is following an approach of always thinking for annexing more and more areas. This philosophy has been multiplied manifold during the current regime under Narendra Modi. The role of Super powers especially the United States is further bolding India in its arrogant behaviour towards neighbors. United States should make a balance approach in its relations with India and Pakistan.