Thursday, 06 October 2022, 11:40:07 am
Analysts hail government’s business friendly policies, steps to woo foreign investment
August 15, 2022

Tahir Dhindsa (Economist): The IMF bailout package will support the government in improving the country's economic stability. The incumbent government is taking a number of steps to improve the economy. The foreign direct investment is only possible when the foreign investors are offered incentives and business friendly policies are instituted. FDI is one of the major external sources of funding to meet obligations of resource gap and goal achievement. Present government has also accelerated the work on China Pakistan Economic Corridor by removing the bottlenecks in the way of project execution.

Shakeel Ramay (Economist): Every government is interested in bringing foreign direct investment into the country. To attract the foreign investment, it is necessary to facilitate the foreign investors in registration and taxation process. This ease will motivate the foreign businessmen to invest in the country. The government needs to launch a campaign regarding the benefits and incentives for investment in special economic zones so that foreign investors are motivated. Every country prioritizes its own national interests, so there should be something encouraging for the foreign investors.

Dr. Talat Shabbir (Economist): The government needs to devise a comprehensive policy to attract maximum foreign investment into the country. The foreign investors must be given the surety of the protection of their investments and their assets and countering all the hurdles in their way. The present government is making all out efforts to invite the investors from different countries to invest in various projects in the country. Another good development is that the incumbent government is trying to maximize exports and discourage imports. It is the time that we go for indigenous projects and utilize the local resources.