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Pakistan’s nuclear program in very safe hands: Analysts
March 20, 2023

Lt. Gen Retd Raza Muhammad Khan ( Defence Analyst):The nuclear and missile assets of Pakistan are in safe hands.  US Centcom Chief’s recent statement regarding the safety of Pakistan’s nuclear arsenals is very encouraging, This statement has endorsed Pakistan’s stance that no other country needs to show apprehensions regarding safety of our nuclear program. Our nation knows how much sacrifices we have given to achieve this mile stone, and we know how to safeguard our nuclear assets.


Maj Gen Retd Muhammad Samrez  ( I. R Expert):The U. S  army has again reaffirmed its confidence in Islamabad’s ability to secure its nuclear arsenal as the country is facing economic and political turmoil which has worsened in recent times.Pakistan has the capability to safeguard its nuclear arsenals. On the other hand, India has been involved in nuclear proliferation, but it has not been held responsible by the United States. Pakistan’s command on nuclear assets is exemplary.


Salman Ghani ( Senior Journalist/ Analyst): Turkey and Pakistan  have close relations based on mutual trust. Turkiye has always supported Pakistan in every difficult time. Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has also a sentimental relationship with Turkiye. Pakistan was the first country which immediately  supported earthquake hit areas of Turkiye, which still continues. It is a manifestation of this eternal friendship. We should learn from Turkey's economic policies and create a favorable environment for increased investment in the country