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Alarming rise in events of communal violence exposes the so-called secular face of India: Analysts
March 17, 2023

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): It is very unfortunate that the events of communal violence against minorities are increasing day by day in India. The Muslims living in India are also victims of such activities and events linked to Islamophobia are happening on daily basis. Pakistan is continuously engaged in highlighting this phenomenon on all international forums. Our foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto is especially very vocal on this issue and highlighted on several international forums in recent past. The main reason behind such alarming increase in rising Islamophobia events is of course the revival of Hindutva mindset and policies under present regime in India. Secondly, anti-Islam and Pakistan statements are part of election campaigns in India. The ruling BJP party mainly relies on anti-Muslims slogans in their election campaigns. It is very alarming situation and whole region is suffering due to policies and attitude of Indian government. It is responsibility of entire World and other international organisations to take notice of this situation.

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst):It is now a recognised reality that minorities are not safe in India.There are hundreds of international media and UN reports highlighting and exposing the so-called secular face of India. Even the journalists are not safe in India and are unable to practice true journalistic norms there. The recent blockage of a BBC documentary in India is an example showing true democratic values flourishing in Indian society. India is one of the most dangerous countries for journalists in world. The minorities living in India are living a very miserable life and are subjected to brutal anti-communal policies. Apart from Muslims other minorities especially Sikhs are also demanding their rights. Thousands of Sikhs were killed by state forces in past and most recently they are trying for their separate homeland and holding worldwide referendum for their Khalistan movement. Unfortunately, international Human rights organisations and world powers are not taking notice of this alarming situation prevailing in India.