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DG PBC extends heartfelt congratulations to all countrymen on Independence Day
August 14, 2022

Director General Radio Pakistan Sohail Ali Khan has extended heartfelt congratulations to all the countrymen on Independence Day.

In a video message on the occasion of 75th Independence Day, he said Pakistan and Radio Pakistan came into being on the same day.

The National Broadcaster made announcement of independence on midnight of 13th and 14th August 1947.

The Director General said when Mustafa Ali Hamdani announced the independence on Radio Pakistan, the whole atmosphere of newly born State echoed with the slogans of Allah o Akbar .

Sohail Ali Khan said the message conveyed by the founder of Pakistan Quaid-i-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah to his nation through Radio Pakistan is still a beacon for us.

He said history witnesses that the role played by Radio Pakistan in solving all the economic, political and administrative problems faced by Pakistan in the early period is unmatched. 

After the establishment of Pakistan, only three radio stations came in our part including Dhaka, Peshawar and Lahore while today there are 32 broadcasting houses which are the voice of the entire nation. 

There is no doubt that Radio Pakistan is still the largest, fastest, most effective and cheapest source of mass media today. Even today, where there is no access to other media, only Radio Pakistan's voice reaches.

Radio Pakistan's services in the wars of 1965 and 1971 are still etched in people's minds. 

Similarly, in answering enemy's propaganda and dealing calamities Radio Pakistan played frontline role. 

Today, India is afraid of Radio Pakistan as after the February 27 Balakot incident, Narendra Modi is seen mentioning Radio Pakistan in rallies and is forced to block its Twitter account in India.

The Director General said Radio Pakistan has introduced artists who have made the country famous at the national and international level. The constructive role of Radio Pakistan in public awareness cannot be ignored in any case. The manner in which Radio Pakistan is presenting the state position at the national and international level is second to none.

Sohail Ali Khan said we are digitizing Radio Pakistan by introducing the latest technology to compete with channels at every level.

He said Today, Radio Pakistan is using social media platforms very effectively as it has about 3 million followers on Facebook and about one million Twitter followers.

It also have large number of followers on Instagram and YouTube. Radio Pakistan has recently introduced Podcast feature on its website which is being appreciated all over the world.

On completion of Radio Pakistan's 75 years of broadcasting today, the Director General expressed the resolve to modernize this prestigious institution as per the changing global requirements.