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Analysts hope the OIC moot on Afghanistan will help alleviate the sufferings of Afghans
December 11, 2021

Dr. A. Z. Hilali (IR Expert): It is an honor that Pakistan is going to hold the OIC conference of Foreign Ministers from Islamic countries in a bid to avert a looming humanitarian and economic crisis in Afghanistan. There are some important agendas to be discussed in the meeting. Firstly, mutual consensus will be developed at the diplomatic and political fronts for the international recognition of the new Afghan government. Secondly, to draw the world's attention over the looming situation in the war-torn country that may lead to humanitarian crisis. The member countries of this important forum must utilize available resources to convince the United States to release the frozen assets of Afghanistan. It is in the charter of the European Union to support any country where there is any risk of disaster or humanitarian crisis. The European Union may agree to support the Afghan government indirectly by using the channel of UNHCR or the United Nations itself in this regard. 

Lt. Gen. (Retd.) Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): The findings of the four member delegation of the US Senate visiting Pakistan will matter a lot and it will help strengthen mutual understanding and forge closer people to people contacts. Pakistan must convince the delegation of its stance to support the Afghan people by taking all possible measures to prevent a humanitarian crisis and economic collapse. The recommendations of the US Senators will definitely have an impact on the foreign and defense policies of the US. As per current US policies, India is its strategic partner aimed at countering China. But keeping in view the existing regional situation, the United States must review its policies. In the current scenario, the suggestions of Pakistan are very much relevant and need to be addressed. There is a need for the United States to revisit its policies as far as Afghanistan is concerned. Pakistan has also invited the United States, Russia, China, France and Britain along with the European Union, the World Bank and representatives of relevant United Nations relief agencies to attend the OIC meeting in Islamabad. We must be hopeful for the positive outcomes of the important session of OIC.

Mirza Ikhtiyar Baig (Economist): One of the most important parameters of a developed country is the strong infrastructure. The developed countries in the world have exemplary road infrastructure. Better road infrastructure is the most important medium of transportation from one place to another. The developed roads, highways, bridges and ports play a significant role in the economic development and prosperity of a country. It is a good development that the incumbent government is taking certain measures to improve inter-connectivity among important cities in the country. Another good initiative is that the Punjab government has allocated a package of 360 billion rupees to ensure equitable development in different districts. Through this initiative, the backward areas in the country will be developed.