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India's huge military spending unleashes negative signal to stability in region: Chinese Military Observer
October 10, 2019


A Chinese military observer says Indian government’s plan to spend 130 billion dollars on buying military equipment is very likely to trigger an arms race between India and Pakistan.

In an article published by China’s prestigious military journal “China Military”, Song Xiaojun wrote after a series of political decisions by India regarding the disputed Kashmir region, Pakistan has been on high alert and may be forced to engage in an arms race.

He said the US is promoting its Indo-Pacific strategy through India, which, nonetheless, is also an opportunity for New Delhi to take a free ride and expand its own influence.

Song Xiaojun believed India's huge military spending plan unleashes a negative signal to the stability in surrounding regions.

He said Indian government's advocacy of nationalism or expansionism are sure to cause adverse effects on the regional situation and make a generally negative impact on the overall peaceful atmosphere.

According to an official document recently released by New Delhi, Indian government plans to spend 130 billion dollars in the next five to seven years on buying military equipment to enhance its armed forces' combat capability.