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United and unified efforts needed to eradicate terrorism from the country: Analysts
January 30, 2023

Maulana Tahir Ashrafi (Religious Scholar): Today's suicide attack in the mosque was a tragic incident. Islam has always preached for peace and the elements involved in such kind of incidents, have no religion. . We express deep sympathies with the grieved families. The nation stands with the security forces and is determined to wipe out the menace of terrorism from its roots. The conspiracies are underway to destabilize Pakistan but with the help of Allah Almighty we will come out of this difficult situation. The world must understand that any effort to destabilize Pakistan will result in the regional instability. The government must implement the National Action Plan in its full spirit and the terrorist elements must be dealt with iron hands. 

Major General (R) Muhammad Samrez Salik (Defense Analyst): The result of terrorist attacks in Pakistan may be the result of the instability in Afghanistan. The interim Afghan government is unable to control the activities of militant organizations and these elements are using Afghan soil for their nefarious designs against other countries. Pakistan, at its end, has done a great job in eliminating the menace of terrorism from the country. The regional environment is very complex. The United States wants to counter Chinese future ambitions so it has never supported peace and stability in this region. Moreover, the Police is always on the front line against the terrorism but unfortunately no reforms in the Police department have been done so far. Meanwhile, the National Action Plan is not properly implemented across the country. There is a dire need that the frontline forces must be equipped with modern technology weapons so that they can deal with the terrorism in an effective way. 

 Dr. Farooq Adil (IR Expert)There is no doubt that the terrorists have no religion and have nothing to do with humanity. The need of the hour is that all the stakeholders must put behind the personal interests and prioritize national interests in order to curb terrorism. Unity at this point of time is the only way to defeat the terrorism. 

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (IR Expert):We have to overview the Pak-Russia relations in cold-war and post-cold-war scenarios. The fact is that after the cold war, the ground realities and geo-politics have been changed. Due to the geographical importance of Pakistan, Russia always desired to have strong bilateral relations with Pakistan. The recent Pak-Russia petroleum agreement would be the greatest achievement in the last 75 years. Russia can assist Pakistan in more than 110 projects in regard to the natural resources in our country. In the coming days, we must expect Russian assistance in different fields of life that can improve the economy of the country. Russia can bailout Pakistan in a better way and the constructive relations between both the countries will lead to a prosperous Pakistan.