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Analysts appreciate government efforts to attract foreign investment
November 27, 2023

Waheed Ahmed (Former Ambassador): 

The bilateral relations between the United Arab Emirates and Pakistan acquired new dimensions at all political, economic and social levels emerging into trust-worthy strategic partnership. Both the countries are enjoying close trade and investment relationship. The visit of the Prime Minister to the UAE is a timely one and need of the hour and an important meeting with the UAE President is also expected. The issues related to food security, technology, defense, trade and others will come into discussion. Certain MoUs will also be signed at the occasion particularly in the area of food security as investment in this sector will be beneficial for both the countries. Already a huge number of Pakistanis have been serving the UAE and supporting the country in its economic development. Agri-farming is another area as currently there are traditional ways of harvesting in Pakistan but we need modern technology and a smart irrigation system in this regard in order to yield proper results.

Dr. Talat Anwar (Economist): 

The visit of the Caretaker Prime Minister to UAE is very important in the context of Pakistan’s economic situation. Pakistan and UAE have a long history of friendly relations, with the UAE serving as a trusted ally for Islamabad. Pakistan is in dire need of the foreign investment in different development projects. Prime Minister will highlight the trade potential and investment opportunities between both countries during his visit. The visit will also benefit the finance and banking system in Pakistan as well. Certain MOUs for trade and investment are expected to be signed. The UAE has expressed willingness to invest in Pakistan in energy, banking, civil aviation and other sectors. Pakistan would need constant marketing to maximize the foreign investment in the country. Around 1.6 million Pakistani expatriates are working in the UAE. And these Pakistanis have sent $ 4.45 billion dollars during the current fiscal year which contributed significantly in the macro-economy of Pakistan.

Dr. Farooq Adil (Economist): 

The UAE has always supported Pakistan in difficult economic conditions. The UAE’s investment through the Special Investment Facilitation Council will be vital for Pakistan at this time. The economic indicators in the country have started showing positive trends because of the efforts of the current political leadership. The nation needs to identify the political elements that are trying to create hurdles in the progress of the country.