Sunday, 10 December 2023, 11:05:29 pm

Analyst pays rich tribute to sacrifices of valiant martyrs of nation
May 25, 2023

Raza Muhammad Khan (Analyst): The martyrs of Pakistan are our real heroes and a great asset, whose sacrifices should be remembered and appreciated by the nation. The observance of this special day to pay tribute to the shuhadas is well timed action by the government and armed forces of Pakistan especially in the wake of events that happened on 9th of May. The purpose of this day was to pay rich tribute to the martyrs who laid their lives while protecting the motherland whether they were from the Armed Forces, from the police or from the other security agencies. Pakistan is facing huge problems especially the current resurgence of terrorism. The People of country, Government and the Armed forces of Pakistan are on the same page to counter and defeat this menace of terrorism. The entire nation is proud of its valiant martyrs who displayed the spirit of patriotism in testing times throughout the history.