Saturday, 03 June 2023, 12:56:11 am
Radio Pakistan's transmission "Paigham-e-Ramadan" gaining massive popularity
March 25, 2023

Radio Pakistan's special Ramadan transmission "Paigham-e-Ramadan" is gaining massive popularity among the masses.

Religious leaders, scholars and medical experts are participating in the daily four-hour transmission from 05 pm to 9pm to discuss the benefits of Ramadan and medical issues in detail in this special Transmission.

In today's program, Dr. Unisa Mohsin urged the people to avoid unnecessary usage of oily products during Ramadan.

Participating in the transmission, Assistant Professor Dr. Syed Muhammad Tahir Shah said that Ramadan is a practical exercise prohibiting us from the wrong doings and evils.

In the transmission, Muhammad Mehran had the privilege of presenting Naat Rasool Maqbool (SAWW).

In this special Ramadan transmission, listeners can participate in the transmission directly through the Telephone number 051-9208940.

Special Ramadan Transmission can be accessed on the social media plat forms of all the units of Radio Pakistan.