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International community should take serious notice of Israeli war crimes, HR violations in Gaza: Analyst
November 24, 2023

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst): 

Israeli troops are committing the worst atrocities in Palestine. Pakistan is committed to its stance that it will not accept Israel until the Palestinian people get an independent state as per UN resolutions. The statement of foreign minister for air-lifting the injured Palestinians for the sake of treatment is welcoming. Pakistan is running the Palestinian embassy in Pakistan from its own expenses. Many civilized countries including Ireland condemned the Israeli atrocities in Gaza. Despite the financial assistance to Israel from the western countries, Israeli currency is loosing its credibility.  The public opinion across the globe is also turning against Israel. If the prevailing conflict prolongs, it will be a challenging situation for the neighboring countries as well. International community should take serious notice of Israel's involvement in war crimes and human rights violations in Gaza.

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (Defense Analyst):

There is no permanent friend and foe in international relations. Nations pursue their interests. After the cold war ended, a new geopolitical scenario appeared, Islamabad and Moscow came closer. Now, with the passage of time, the bilateral relations between both countries are strengthening particularly in the area of agriculture, trade, commerce and science and technology. Russia has interests in South Asian region and Pakistan is located at an important strategic location. Russia and Pakistan do have some common interests. There are areas of great potential that can improve the bilateral relations to a great extent. Russia can support Pakistan in overcoming energy crises. Pakistan is already importing crude oil from Russia. There is a need to further develop mutually beneficial cooperation between both countries.

Rana Ihsaan Afzal (Leader, PML-N): 

The Special Investment Facilitation Centre was established to provide a one-window operation for the foreign investment from the GCC countries. It was established four to five months ago but we are expecting huge foreign investment in different sectors through SIFC. The concerned authorities are giving special focus to the IT sector,  because it is a result-oriented sector within a short period of time. Other than the IT sector, the sectors of  renewable energy and agriculture are also being focused.