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Experts say world should take India to task on its state sponsored global terrorist activities
November 23, 2023

Dr Syed Muhammad Ali Khan: The recent incidents of Indian involvement in global terrorism have seconded Pakistan’s stance of Indian involvement in terror related activities inside Pakistan. The events like murder of Sikh leader Nijjar in Canada and an attempt to assassinate another Sikh leader on US soil by Indian government have made western powers to re-think and recognize the real face of India. It is also a diplomatic success of Pakistan that it persistently trying to realize world community about Indian involvement in terrorist activities in Pakistan. Now United States is dealing with this matter at four levels. Firstly, at legal level proceeding at a district court has been initiated, as US government has credible information and evidence in this regard. Secondly, at intelligence level the same information has been shared countries Britain, Canada, New Zealand and Australia. As a result, the intelligence cooperation has been downgraded by these countries. Thirdly at diplomatic level the issue has been communicated at highest level by President Biden with Indian PM Modi at G-20 summit. Fourthly, the leading nations are considering to limit the security cooperation with India. These matters are being taken very seriously at legal, diplomatic, security and intelligence level. It is high time that World community must take cognizance of Indian state terrorism across the globe.

Maj General (Rtd) Raza Muhammad Khan: The World community especially US and Canada must realize the Indian intend behind global terrorist activities. Infact, Modi is preparing for forthcoming general elections in India and wanted to portray himself as real guard of Indian people. The events of murder of Sikh leader Nijjar in Canada and an attempt to kill another Sikh leader on US soil by Indian government has proved the Pakistan’s point of view about Indian involvement in state terrorism inside Pakistan. The matter must be taken seriously at all international forums and make India accountable for its acts of global terrorism.