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International community must take stronger action to urge Israel to stop the bloodshed in Gaza: Analysts
November 21, 2023

Waheed Ahmed (Former Ambassador): 

It is a fact that the atrocities and worst human rights violations in Gaza cannot continue for long, because international pressures is increasing on Israel with the passage of time. Russia and China have already expressed concerns over continuous bloodshed of innocent people of Palestine. The public opinion across the globe has been changing in favor of Palestinians and against brutal Israeli regime. The prevailing Israeli aggression must come to an end; otherwise it will have consequences on the neighboring countries as well. The only solution to the existing situation in Gaza is the two-State solution as per the United Nations’ resolutions. Israel must understand that if it does not want any other country to intervene, it should stop its atrocities and brutalities.

Mumtaz Zahra Baloch (Spokesperson, Ministry of Foreign Affairs): 

Pakistan has a clear stance of a two-state solution of the Palestinian conflict based on 1967 borders. It is also promised in the United Nations’ resolutions and certain international agreements that Palestine must be recognized as an independent state and it is the right of Palestinian people. Unfortunately, the issue is not addressed seriously by the world capitals. International community should play its role to resolve the current situation in the Middle East. Pakistan wants the implementation of UN resolutions and it is in contact with the friendly countries in this regard.

Lt Gen (Retd) Raza Muhammad Khan (Defense Analyst): 

The statement of the Prime Minister in the ceremony is the response to the threats being given to Pakistan in the last couple of months. Our enemies should realize that Pakistan has successfully fought a war against terrorism and its forces are well capable to respond to any aggression or threat against its sovereignty in a befitting manner. So, the patience of Pakistan and the wish for peace must not be considered as its weakness. The Chief of Army Staff visited the Corps Level Collective Training exercise of Strike Corps. Such exercises are aimed to give a message to the enemies that Pakistan is ready to defend the country by all means.