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Experts hail incumbent government’s efforts to woo foreign investors
September 20, 2023

Waheed Ahmed (Former Ambassador): Meetings between world leaders on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly summit are a regular feature. These exchanges play a pivotal role in fostering mutual comprehension and strengthening diplomatic relationships among nations. Against the backdrop of Pakistan's prevailing economic difficulties, it is imperative to garner the support and cooperation of diverse countries in order to bolster its economy. The meetings held between Pakistan's Foreign Minister and the leaders of Saudi Arabia and Iran were centered on the augmentation of bilateral economic collaboration. In addition to this, Pakistan is actively pursuing foreign investments across various sectors of its economy, extending a warm and conducive business environment to potential investors. Islamabad is diligently working to eliminate bureaucratic hindrances and is streamlining administrative procedures, providing a one-stop solution for foreign enterprises interested in investing within Pakistan's borders.

Dr. A. Z. Hilali (IR Analyst): Developing nations must chart a course towards economic advancement, particularly countries such as Pakistan that are currently grappling with economic challenges. In this pursuit, the cooperation and support of developed nations are vital catalysts for progress. Pakistan's strategic allies, Saudi Arabia and the United States, possess the capacity to play pivotal roles in facilitating Pakistan's economic transformation. The United States, as a strategic partner, can significantly contribute to Pakistan's development by channeling investments into sectors such as science, agriculture, and others. Meanwhile, Saudi Arabia, a trusted and fraternal nation, has consistently extended its support to Pakistan, making it a promising source for investments in novel domains. To attract foreign investors, Pakistan must proactively enhance its legal framework, making it more appealing and investor-friendly. Emulating the investment-friendly model pioneered by China could be a valuable strategy in this endeavor.