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Bishkek incident: Govt’s swift response for safety of Pakistani students lauded
May 19, 2024

Engineer Amir Muqam (Minister for Kashmir Affairs and Gilgit Baltistan):  There is no doubt that not only the Pakistani students but their parents were also worried about the situation in Bishkek. It was a tragic incident that erupted in Kyrgyzstan. But the way it was projected by some social media elements, the ground realities are totally against the projections. Some students got injured in the tragic incidents in Bishkek. The government is making all out efforts to ensure the safe return of Pakistani students from Bishkek. The Kyrgyz government has ensured to provide complete security to the students. I would like to request the social media elements not to politicize the issue as the parents of the Pakistani students are in the state of frustration.

Hasan Ali Zaigham (Ambassador of Pakistan in Kyrgyzstan):  Kyrgyzstan has apologized for the Bishkek incident and given assurance that all efforts will be made to ensure the safety of the students. Moreover, more security is deputed for the safety of the Pakistani people here. The Kyrgyzstan government has ensured that perpetrators of these incidents will be arrested and brought into justice after thorough investigation. The situation in Bishkek is gradually improving and returning back to normal. The visas of some students expired and we have requested the Kyrgyz government to temporarily approve the extension so that the students may travel back to the country. From now to onwards there will be online classes for the Pakistani students and exams will also be taken online. As per the directions of the government, the students, particularly the female students, are being accommodated by our embassy. A special plane will leave for Bishkek Kyrgyzstan this evening and will bring back 130 Pakistani students tonight. There was a mob-like situation in different parts of the city and delay in response by the Kyrgyz police resulted in worsening the situation.

Rana Ihsaan Afzal (Coordinator to PM): All Pakistanis in Kyrgyzstan are out of danger. The ambassador of Kyrgyzstan in Pakistan and Pakistani ambassador in Kyrgyzstan are coordinating closely for the safe repatriation of the Pakistani students. The Kyrgyz government has ensured the provision of foolproof security to the Pakistani students. The injured students will be provided quality medical services. The government has announced plans to operate special flights to bring back the Pakistanis from Bishkek. A committee has also been constituted to probe into the matter. Deputy Prime Minister Ishaq Dar has clarified that some elements are doing propaganda regarding the situation in Bishkek in order to create political instability in the country.