Friday, 07 October 2022, 08:07:33 pm
Analysts hail growing voices in the US to increase aid to flood hit Pakistan
September 18, 2022

Najamuddin Shaikh (Former Foreign Secretary): This is a very positive development that Biden administration is nurturing good relations with Pakistan. The statement of Chairman of US Foreign Relations Committee will pave way to help Pakistan that has been grappling with serious flood situation. Pakistan has been suffering the brunt of climate change despite no contribution in global greenhouse emissions. Pakistan is among the ten most vulnerable countries that are at an enhanced risk of natural calamities due to changing climate patterns. Therefore, it is moral obligation of advanced countries to help the developing world cope with such situations. The assistance we receive should also include technical expertise in this regard for future precautions.

Dr. Talat Wizarat (IR Expert): Relations with US can be further improved. However, the US needs to take serious action to walk the talk. The UN Secretary General pointed out the devastating situation in Pakistan very seriously. However, the US relief support has been weaker than many other nations. In contrast, many other countries provided aid more than the US.