Friday, 01 December 2023, 07:12:34 pm
Spokesman MOFA says Islamabad will continue persuading Afghan side to stop use of its soil by terrorists
September 16, 2023

Mumtaz Zahra Baloch (Spokesperson, MOFA): The unfortunate incidents like the one in Chitral can be stopped if the Afghan side takes serious step on its side of the border. Leadership of Pakistan and Afghanistan has agreed to engage in discussions aimed at addressing and resolving issues including smuggling and unfair practices in Afghan Transit Trade. Islamabad is committed to persuading the interim government of Afghanistan to take proactive measures to combat smuggling and related issues. It is not only Pakistan but also other nations, including China, that maintain ongoing communication with the leadership of Afghanistan. The Pakistani government has conveyed its willingness to collaborate with the Afghan government in order to bolster their capabilities against terrorists and promote cooperation.