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Analysts hail strong commitment of incumbent government to China Pakistan Economic Corridor
May 14, 2022

Dr. Aliya Hashmi (Economist): China Pakistan Economic Corridor is a pivotal project for future prosperity and development of Pakistan. A large number of projects under CPEC have already been completed and brining dividends to the national economy. However, it is equally important that interests of local population of Balochistan are given due consideration in allocation of jobs and resources. Sporadic attacks against work force of CPEC may not deter the strong bonds of friendship between Pakistan and China.

Dr. Noor Fatima (Economist): There is no single area or sector on which we have to focus on. Rather, we must adopt a holistic approach to expand our relations with China. I think from CPEC to energy sector, we need to improve things. The bearish trend in stock market indicates that we need to adopt economic approaches fast to streamline the economy. If you look at the east Asian economies, you will observe that they have developed themselves through small enterprises. As we don't have much skillful workers and large industries, we need to focus on small and medium enterprises. We have a lot of population which we can take to the mainstream entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is pretty much important to bring in more foreign investment in the country and provide job opportunities to youth.

Waheed Ahmed (Former Ambassador): First of all, the prime minister’s statement on sad demise of Sheikh Khila bin Zayed Al-Nahyan is the reflection of Pakistani nation's sentiments, as we are greatly associated with UAE. Since the inception of UAE, our relations are deep rooted and friendly with them. As we see politically, the leadership of UAE is positively disposed towards Pakistan. Our bilateral relations should be strengthened through regular exchanges, and we must increase our engagements in trade and business to strengthen our economy.