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Analysts question effectiveness of UN, after it fails to halt Israel’s genocide in Gaza
December 09, 2023

Dr. Muhammad Khan (IR Analyst): Every human nowadays is extremely concerned about the prevailing situation in the Middle East. It is a big failure on part of UN Security Council after failed to adopt a resolution to call for a ceasefire in Gaza. This state of affairs has again expose the dual standards of western world and structural issues in United Nations. During the Russia-Ukraine conflict, the European countries came forward in favor of Ukraine considering Russia as invader. But in the case of Gaza, the west once again expressed double standards as Israel being an invader is being supported. Unfortunately, none of the countries including the Muslim world has come up with a strong voice against the double standards of the world capitals. We must appreciate the UN Secretary General who is making all out efforts to ensure a humanitarian ceasefire in Gaza.

Abdullah Gul (Defense Analyst): It is a fact that OIC, Arab League and the United Nations have failed to normalize the situation in Gaza. Today it is proved once again that the United Nations is a team of the United States. Despite the support from the world, Israel is unable to defeat Hamas even after OVER two months. It is the need of the hour that Muslim Ummah must take some concrete steps and devise some joint mechanism to pressurize Israel in stop genocide in Palestine. The international human rights organizations are expressing concerns over the critical situation in Gaza.