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Pakistan warns against curbing of humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan
March 09, 2023

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At the United Nations, Pakistan has warned that curbing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan would be morally wrong and politically counter-productive.

Speaking in a debate on the situation in Afghanistan at the United Nations Security Council Pakistan's Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Munir Akram said halting or reducing humanitarian assistance to Afghanistan would hurt the human rights of 28 million Afghan people who are already living in abject poverty.  

He called for the full funding of the UN Secretary-General’s 4.2 billion dollars recovery plan for Afghanistan.

Ambassador Akram said that a more comprehensive international effort is required to revive the Afghan economy and its banking and financial sector as well as implementation of the several connectivity projects.

Expressing major concern over the terrorist attacks within and from Afghanistan, he said that Pakistan has, in recent months, endured a series of such terrorist attacks emanating from externally-funded TTP and from other terrorist outfits in that country.

He also expressed hope that the anomaly of Afghanistan’s United Nations representation can soon be addressed.