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Analysts hope repatriation of illegal foreigners will have positive impacts on economic and security situation in the Country
December 08, 2023

Ali Sarwar Naqvi (Former Ambassador): Every country has its own rules and regulations and it is the responsibility of every citizen to abide by these rules. Whatever happened in the past does not mean that it should happen in future as well. The government has taken the right decision to send back the foreigners living illegally in Pakistan. This must have been done a long ago. However, the Afghan nationals even living legally in our country must abstain from participating in public gatherings hosted by Pakistani political parties as it is not authorized by laws of this country. The whole process of repatriation is being carried out in a dignified manner keeping in view the int’l obligations.

Dr. A.Z. Hilali (IR Expert): The government has taken a wise decision to send back the foreigners living in Pakistan without legal documentation as per international laws. Pakistan is a country that has hosted a huge number of Afghan refugees for the last many decades but now it is the time that they should go back to their country.  Moreover, the situation in Afghanistan has improved, and it is in the best interest of Afghan citizens to return to their native country as swiftly as possible. Pakistan, due to its own national security, economic and political crises, is no more in a position to sustain millions of refugees. Pakistan currently faces financial constraints that make it challenging to continue providing basic amenities to these refugees.