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President underlines need to eliminate women harassment at workplace
December 05, 2023

President Dr. Arif Alvi has underlined the need to eliminate women harassment at workplace to ensure their vibrant role in country' economy.

Addressing an awareness event "16 Days of Activism against Gender-Based Violence and Harassment of Women" in Islamabad today, he termed provision of property rights to women as pre-requisite for their economic empowerment.

He said England granted the property rights to women in 1904 but Islam awarded immense rights to women fourteen hundred years ago.

He lauded the role of banks of achieving all targets related to the provision of employment to women.

The President called upon religious scholars to educate the society about the rights of women. He said there is no place of honour killing in Islam and the country's law also abhors this cruelty.

He also highlighted the role of media in imparting awareness among people to effectively resolve the issues related to women.

The President said women and children both prove to be the most vulnerable section during wars. He lamented the tragic situation of Gaza.