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Press Release (12-02-2020)
February 12, 2020

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ISLAMABAD, February 12: Veteran diplomat and former Pakistani High Commissioner in New Delhi Mr. Abdul Basit says August 5 Indian Acts have posed new challenges for Pakistan at multiple fronts that could only be confronted with a consistent national narrative and proactive foreign policy.


He said this while speaking at a four-day training workshop on “Modi’s Hindutva Policy, Bleeding Kashmir and Response of Pakistani Media” organized by Pakistan Broadcasting Academy here in collaboration with PTV, APP and the National Press Club.


He said Indian establishment driven by the BJP’s Hindutva agenda is exerting pressure on Pakistan through an aggressive military approach, aggravating FATF related issues, fomenting ethnic matters, promoting subversive activities through Afghanistan and destabilizing Azad Kashmir and Gilgit-Baltistan.


He suggested to constitute specific Think Tanks to address all these fault lines, keeping in view the input of best minds having vast experience in national, regional and international matters.


Abdul Basit said India would continue to play the bogey of a false flag operation on Azad Kashmir side of the Line of Control to divert the international opinion from its atrocities in occupied Kashmir but would actually not take any such risk to avoid internationalizing the Kashmir issue.


He called for appointing a special envoy on Kashmir to consistently highlight Pakistan’s viewpoint at international level. He also urged Pakistan’s diplomats across the globe to engage the international media to build and promote Pakistan’s narrative on Kashmir, Afghanistan and FATF issues.


The former Pakistani High Commissioner to India said Pakistani Diaspora in key international capitals and cities must be fully activated and facilitated to play their active role in projecting Pakistan’s positive image.


Abdul Basit said a strong action is needed against mafias in all sectors to strengthen the national economy on sound footings as economically week countries cannot play their cards independently for the sake of their national interests.


Speaking in the first session Editor Kashmir Times Mr. Abid Abbasi highlighted the barriers that have been erected by the Indian occupation forces for the local and international media outlets and their representatives through continued communication blackout in occupied Kashmir.


He said local media in Occupied Kashmir has totally been blocked while international correspondents have been deported.


Earlier, Principal, PBA, Mr. Muhammad Tariq Chaudhry and participants of the workshop warmly welcomed both the guest speakers on their arrival at the campus.    


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