Saturday, 02 July 2022, 03:07:58 am
Interview of Col. Asad Mehmood (Retd.) on Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence Policy of Pakistan in Programme Rabta
May 23, 2022


•Pakistan tested its first nuclear weapon in 1998, becoming the world’s 7th state to officially test a nuclear weapon. The exact yields of the weapons in the country’s current arsenal are not known, but general estimates are between 5-12 kilotons for most weapons, with some longer-range ballistic missiles possibly reaching 40 kt.

•Pakistan has not declared a strategic nuclear policy, but appears to maintain “minimum credible deterrence” against India’s nuclear and superior conventional forces.

•Pakistan has adopted a position of “no first use” against non-nuclear weapon states.


Host: Sohaib bin Noor

Guest: Col. Asad Mehmood (Retd.)

Producer: Muneeba Bakhsh Malik

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