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Moulana Muhammad Hussain Azad
January 23, 2019

Moulana Muhammad Hussain Azad (Inshaperdaz) was a great writer of Urdu Literature and history. He introduced the modern natural shade in Urdu poetry in imitation of English literature, but he was also an expert in the classical Delhvi style of poetry. He wrote several famous books including, Ab E Hayat Nairang-E-Khyal , Darbaar-E-Akbari and Qasas-ul-Hind. He died on 22 January,1908.Radio Pakistan Abbottabad produced and a special feature to present tribute on his literary work and contribution to Urdu language.

Script: Farzana Iqbal

Narrators: Asma Daud and Faizan Ayub Hashmi

Producer: Saeed Ullah Khan

Production: PBC Abbottabad