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Programme: Radio Café (14-03-2020)
March 20, 2020


He said that promotion of Pakistani language and literature is one of the main goals of the academy adding that PAL would take immediate steps to bring reforms in the system and would focus on all the regional languages.

In this regard, immediate work on 72 language anthology will be initiated, which will highlight all the colors of Pakistani culture through literature.

He emphasized to show case the work of our legendry folk and mystic singers and renowned Sufis like Baba Bulleh Shah, Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai, Rehman Baba etc. as so far we have not been able to promote our grand virsa to the International arena.

He shared his childhood memories regarding family and teachers support to become Urdu lecturer being a Sindhi as his mother tongue.

He gave full tribute to his family, educational institutions and teachers where he is right now, hailing from remote village of interior Sindh.

Guest: Dr. Yousaf Khushk

Host: Farooq Adil and Shamim Anjum

Producer: Sadaf Rani

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