Friday, 19 July 2024, 03:42:49 am

The ruling Indian government has consistently been espousing an anti-Pakistan stance

Brig. (Retd.) Saeed Minhas (Defense Analyst): The enduring enmity between India and Pakistan since 1947 remains unquestionable. The ruling Indian government, led by the BJP and closely aligned with the RSS, has consistently been espousing an anti-Pakistan stance. In 2019, India orchestrated a false flag operation in an attempt to tarnish Pakistan's image, though this deceitful maneuver was eventually exposed. With impending general elections in India and the forthcoming UN General Assembly sessions, Indian Prime Minister Modi is once again endeavoring to construct a narrative that portrays Pakistan as a terrorist state to garner public support. It is high time to raise awareness at the international level regarding treatment of minorities in India and the involvement of Indian forces in state-sponsored terrorism in Kashmir. India's aggressive posture toward Pakistan is merely an attempt to divert attention from its internal affairs. During the G20 summit, restrictions were held on dignitaries' access to various parts of India, in order to shield them from witnessing the plight of the Indian populace.