Wednesday, 05 October 2022, 01:17:55 am
Pakistan, Arab States condemn recent terrorist incident in Saudi Arabia
August 13, 2022

Two topics were discussed in today’s program including Pakistan’s condemnation of terrorist attack in Saudi Arabia, and nation to celebrate Diamond Jubilee tomorrow.

Speaking in the program, distinguished IR Expert Dr Zahid Anwar said no country other than Pakistan can understand the extent of human and material damage due to this menace. He said Pakistan firmly stands by Saudi Arabia in overcoming all the challenges.

Former Ambassador Shahid Amin said terrorist attacks by Islamic fundamentalists are occurring in many countries, including Saudi Arabia. He said Pakistan strongly condemns this attack and stands with Saudi people in this difficult time.



Host: Dr Sajjad Bukhari 

Guest: Mateen Haider 

Producer: Hamad Kiani 

Executive Producer: Aman Ullah Sipra