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President stresses on adopting healthy, natural life style to avoid heart related diseases
September 29, 2022

President Dr. Arif Alvi has stressed on adopting healthy and natural life style to avoid heart related and other diseases.

Addressing a symposium on the occasion of World Heart Day in Islamabad on Thursday, he said balanced diet and exercise can prevent heart diseases. He said message of prevention should be spread again and again to convince people.

The President said doctors should follow ethics and show compassion while treating their patients.

Highlighting growing stress level in the society, Dr. Arif Alvi said 24 percent people in Pakistan are under stress due to various reasons. He said unfortunately, psychological problems are still a taboo in our society. He said eventually stress could result into cardiovascular diseases.

Quoting great mystic saint Rumi, he called for promoting love and compassion.

Speaking on the occasion, Dr. Mir Abdul Waheed said nineteen million people across the world die of cardiovascular diseases. He said unhealthy diet and pollution may lead to heart diseases.

Dr Mahim Akmal Malik in her remarks said according to the data of World Health Organization two hundred and forty thousand people died of heart diseases in 2020 in Pakistan.

She said change in life style can significantly reduce the burden of this disease.

On the occasion, the President also distributed shields among the doctors for rendering their services in the health sector.