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Info Minister to perform groundbreaking of PBC's Digital transmitter in Rawat today
July 29, 2023

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Radio Pakistan is going to launch Digital Medium Wave Transmitter project in Rawat on Sunday.               

Minister for Information and Broadcasting Marriyum Aurangzeb will perform groundbreaking of the project under which a 1000 kilowatt digital transmitter will be installed at HPT complex, Rawat.      

The project will be completed in two years at a cost of four billion rupees and is a milestone in modernizing the state broadcaster and enhancing the quality of its broadcast.

This digital transmitter will increase the signal strength and  range of Radio Pakistan's broadcasts to several countries in Central Asia, Middle East, Far East, Turkiye and Greece in addition to south Asia.                                                                                     

This modern transmitter based on Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) technology, can transmit up to four different signals simultaneously. It will save 33 percent of electricity which in turn will reduce the expenses of state broadcaster.

An emergency warning system to alert people in natural calamities will also be available through this transmitter.

UK based international organization DRM Consortium has also appreciated the government's initiative to convert Radio Pakistan from analogue to digital mode after 75 years.