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Bomb explosion near Kabul Gurudwara
July 28, 2022

In Afghanistan, a Sikh Temple, Karte Parwan Gurdwara has been attacked with a bomb blast in Kabul.

According to President of the Gurdwara, Gurnaam Singh, the bomb concealed in a bag was placed near a shop. It is the second attack on this Sikh Temple this year.

Daesh Khorasan, which has a deep nexus with Indian agency, RAW, had claimed responsibility of the last month attack on the Gurdwara.

Analysts say that overwhelming participation of the Sikh community in the recent referendum for establishing a separate homeland in India has unnerved the Modi government in New Delhi.

They further said that New Delhi has made its terrorists cells, governed by RAW, functional to target Sikh community, creating a sense of insecurity to prevent them for establishing a Sikh state in India.