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President condemns recent acts of desecration of Holy Quran in Denmark, Netherlands
March 28, 2023

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President Dr. Arif Alvi has strongly condemned the recent acts of desecration of Holy Quran in Denmark and the Netherlands.

In a statement on Tuesday, he said these heinous acts have hurt the sentiments of Muslims all over the world. Such incidents are provocative and indicate rising Islamophobia in the world.

The President said freedom of speech is not the name of hate speech and inciting people to violence. He said the desecration acts are contrary to internationally recognized norms and principles of legitimate expression of freedom of expression.  He said Islam preaches peace and brotherhood to the humanity.

President Arif Alvi urged the international community to take practical measures against Islamophobia and discourage extremist elements. He also stressed the need for practical steps to promote tolerance, interfaith harmony and dialogue.