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5th anniversary of ‘Operation Swift Retort’ being commemorated today
February 27, 2024

The fifth anniversary of "Operation Swift Retort" is being commemorated today to pay tribute to the valiant Armed Forces of Pakistan for demonstrating their resilience and resolve against Indian attempt to carry out a misadventure. 

On this day in 2019, Pakistan Air Force successfully defended the motherland and shot down Indian planes that had violated Pakistani airspace and also captured Indian pilot.

A statement issued by the Inter Services Public Relations said February 27, 2019, marked a significant event in our history, demonstrating the resolve of the people of Pakistan and the professionalism of the Armed Forces in response to unwarranted aggression from India, motivated by political considerations and electoral concerns.

The Armed Forces of Pakistan vowed that any aggression against the people of Pakistan, its sovereignty and territorial integrity, will be responded immediately with full might and without any hesitation.