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Children of America, Pakistan to nurture Pak-US relations: Ambassador Masood
May 26, 2023

Pakistan’s Ambassador to the United States Masood Khan says Embassy Adoption Program is an excellent initiative to promote multicultural relation building through a people centric approach that has far reaching impact.

He stated this while appreciating a group of 25 Grade 5 Students from the Janney Elementary School after they gave a presentation on Pakistan at the Embassy in Washington DC as part of the Embassy Adoption Program (EAP).

The Ambassador said the breadth of knowledge of the students about Pakistan and the empathy they have developed for Pakistan and its people are amazing.

He further desired to explore possibilities of having these exchanges with counterpart schools in Pakistan. He also stressed the need for people to people exchanges.

It is pertinent to mention that the Embassy Adoption Program, a joint collaboration between DC Public Schools and Washington Performing Arts, is aimed at imparting skills necessary to succeed in an increasingly interconnected and culturally diverse world.

The program allows fifth and sixth graders to learn about the language, culture, history geography, arts and culture of their partner country.