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Info Minister briefs Senate on measures to reduce losses in state-owned enterprises
February 27, 2024

The session of Senate was held at the Parliament House in Islamabad with Chairman Muhammad Sadiq Sanjrani in the chair. 

Responding to a motion moved by Senator Mushtaq Ahmed, Caretaker Minister for Parliamentary Affairs Murtaza Solangi said overall loss of more than 200 State Owned Enterprises was 730 billion rupees, whereas these SOEs also earned a profit of 570 billion rupees. Hence, net loss of SOEs stands around 160 billion rupees.

The Minister said the loss-making SOEs include power sector, Pakistan Steel Mills, National Highway Authority, Pakistan International Airlines and Pakistan Railways.

The Minister said amendments in laws pertaining to various state enterprises were introduced to reform them. He said these enterprises include NHA, Pakistan Post and Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation.

The Minister said the decision to introduce more reforms in these enterprises and to end their losses rests with the parliament and the upcoming elected government.

Meanwhile, the Senate passed several bills.

These included; “The Christian Marriage (Amendment) Bill, 2023”, “The Criminal Laws (Amendment) Bill, 2023”, “The Easements (Amendment) Bill, 2023”, “The Injured Persons (Medical Aid) (Amendment) Bill, 2023”, “The Federal Institute of Management Sciences Bill, 2023”, and “The Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Technology Bill, 2023.”

Besides, four bills were introduced in the House.

These included; “The Equal Scales of Salary and Allowances Bill, 2024”, “The Wapda University Islamabad Bill, 2023”, “The Universal Health Coverage Bill, 2024” and “The Constitution (Amendment) Bill, 2024”.