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Chair IPO highlights importance of intellectual property rights
February 25, 2024

Chair IPO-Pakistan Ambassador (R) Farukh Amil today visited Air University in Islamabad to conduct an interactive session on intellectual property rights (IPR).

The session was aimed at educating students about the various aspects of IPR, including innovation, business, trademarks, copyrights, patents, and technological innovation. The importance of intellectual property for the growth of business, employment, and empowerment was emphasized during the session.

The collaboration between IPO-Pakistan and Air University seeks to empower the student community with the knowledge and tools to understand and excel in the realm of IPRs, thereby contributing to Pakistan’s innovation landscape. The interactive nature of the session provided students with valuable information and the opportunity to ask questions about IPR, fostering a better understanding of this important area.

In addition to the interactive session, the delegation of IPO also visited the Technology Innovation Support Centre (TISC) and its office of research, innovation, and commercialization (ORIC) at Air University.

This visit likely provided insights into the university’s efforts in research, innovation, and commercialization, further strengthening the collaboration between IPO-Pakistan and Air University.