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Pakistan’s bright future linked with development of Balochistan: Jan Jamali
May 24, 2022

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Acting Governor Balochistan Mir Jan Muhammad Jamali said that in view of the geographical uniqueness of Balochistan and special interest of world powers, it is needed to formulate strategy on a modern scientific basis.

Addressing the participants of seminar organized by Balochistan Think Tank Network at Private University in Quetta, he said the bright future of Pakistan is associated with Balochistan.

He said that proper utilization of its natural and mineral resources would be helpful in overcoming province's economic backwardness which would then stabilize Pakistan's economy and promote efficient economic and trade activities throughout the region.

Acting Governor invited the youth from across the province to come forward and express their views and opinions on the development process in the province.

He said it is important for the policy makers to have a separate understanding of the problems and difficulties faced by the people of urban and rural areas of Balochistan.