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ANTH, Chinese company introduce AI-based screening for Cervical Cancer
November 23, 2023

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Dr Akbar Niazi Teaching Hospital Islamabad has joined hands with a Chinese medical technology company to make use of the Artificial Intelligence (AI) in advancing Cervical Cancer screening.

This collaboration, driven by the pursuit of cutting-edge research and development, aims to redefine the landscape of cervical cancer screening for Pakistani women.

CEO of ANTH Yasir Khan Niazi has described this initiative as a pivotal step towards seamless integration of technology into the fabric of cancer screening for Pakistani women.

He said that the hospital has already spearheaded initiatives such as a One-Stop Breast Clinic, Tumor Registry, Tumor Board, and an Enhanced Recovery Program. Notably, this collaboration marks yet another stride in the hospital's commitment to harnessing the latest technology for ensuring the provision of the latest screening and treatment of cancer.