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ECO provides an opportunity to promote effective regional cooperation: Analysts
January 23, 2023

A.Z Hilali (I. R Expert):The main motive of the Economic Cooperation Organisation is to promote economic cooperation and stability in the world; it was earlier affected due to terrorist activities and other political differences. Previously, such meetings couldn't be held because of the corona virus situation, but now, these important meeting are being held as per their schedule, which is good omen for the prosperity and stability of whole comity of nations, particularly for the region. Many of the world powers such as the US, Russia, China, etc with great advanced technologies will be there in this international forum. It is important for Pakistan to coordinate with these powers for stability of its economy. The border tension between Pakistan and Afghanistan  is a matter of grave concern, and it is of much importance to remove hurdles for better working relationship.

 Humayyun Iqbal Shami (Economist):  This meeting is of very much importance for Pakistan in current scenario particularly, as we are facing severe economic challenges. Being a member of   Economic Cooperation Organization, it is an opportunity for Pakistan to convey its economic narrative to the international community.  Pakistan wants to enhance it trade and economic relations with the Central Asian states as it is not only beneficial for economy of Pakistan, but also for the whole region. Our country is connected with these countries through Afghanistan, and for boosting trade with these countries, there should be friendly atmosphere in Afghanistan , which unfortunately , we don’t have. So , it is high need of time to work on the border tensions with Afghanistan  to build better working relationship.  Central Asian states hold great potential in the international market.  These regional countries have inclination to seek  expansion trade relations with Pakistan, but unrest and instability in Afghanistan is main hurdle to give boost to trade activities.