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Pakistan calls for unconditional dialogue btw Kabul govt, Taliban
November 22, 2017

At the United Nations, Pakistan has called for unconditional dialogue between Kabul government and Afghan Taliban.

Pakistan's Ambassador to the UN, Dr. Maleeha Lodhi while taking part in a debate on Afghanistan in the General Assembly said neither side in the Afghan conflict can impose a military solution on each other and there is a need for a negotiated end to the war.

She said Pakistan has consistently proposed a political settlement as the most viable course to end the decades of conflict and suffering in Afghanistan.

Ambassador Lodhi also called on the Afghan Taliban to abandon violence and come to the negotiating table to engage in a serious dialogue for peace.

Maleeha Lodhi emphasized closer cooperation between Pakistan and Afghanistan as vital to realize peace and security within Afghanistan and the entire region.

She hoped that Afghan Government will respond positively to Pakistan's proposals to strengthen border controls.