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Obesity may lead to mental health issues: Study
January 22, 2023

If you are obese, there are chances that it may lead to some mental health issues.

According to a new study, half of all young people treated for severe obesity have a neuropsychiatric problem.

Researcher Kajsa Jarvholm from Lund University in Sweden has said that symptoms of ADHD mean that the person has difficulty with impulse control. This increases the risk of eating without being hungry and the tendency to opt for quick solutions such as fast food.

For the study, the team involved 48 teenagers with an average age of 15 and an average BMI of 42, which is severe obesity. Half of the participants received medical treatment for obesity, while the other half underwent surgery.

One-fifth of the adolescents reported suffering symptoms of depression while, One-third of them reported problems with binge eating.

She added that the adolescents with neuropsychiatric difficulties did not have more problems with binge eating and depression than the other adolescents in the group.