Tuesday, 18 May 2021, 12:17:42 am
PM performs groundbreaking of Jalozai Housing Scheme
April 21, 2021

Prime Minister Imran Khan performed the groundbreaking of Jalozai Housing Scheme for low income groups in Nowshera on Wednesday.

A total of 1320 apartments will be constructed in eighteen months under this project. The apartments will be distributed through balloting among people having income up to forty thousand rupees per month.

Speaking on the occasion, Prime Minister Imran Khan said Naya Pakistan Housing Program has been launched across the country so that the under privileged segments of the society including laborers and workers could also own their houses.

The Prime Minister said on the one hand, we are constructing houses and flats on the government land to provide low cost units to the people. For this scheme, we have registered the people and are providing a subsidy of three hundred thousand rupees on each housing unit.

He said separately, the banks are providing loans on easy installments so that the people could build their own houses.

Imran Khan said compassion for the poor as well as rule of law was the basic philosophy of the State of Madina, the foundation of which was laid by our Holy Prophet Hazrat Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wa Sallam Khatim un Nabiyeen.

He said our aim is to provide protection to the poor segments of the society. He pointed out that Khyber Pakhtunkhwa is the first province which has provided health cards to each household, under which they can get medical treatment worth one million rupees annually. He said this will trigger a revolution in the health sector and encourage the private sector to establish hospitals and health care facilities.

The Prime Minister also expressed the commitment to further widen the network of Panagahs and that of Koi Bhooka Na Soi Scheme.

Imran Khan said there are mafias in every sector including in the sugar which increased the prices of the commodity to pocket more money. He said our struggle is to bring the powerful people under the ambit of law.