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Analyst lauds security forces’ role in eliminating terrorism, promoting peace
March 20, 2024

Dr. Ahmed Saeed Mihas (Defense Analyst): After the successful general elections in Pakistan, we are heading towards stability that is not digestible to our neighboring country India. Pakistan has clear evidence of Indian involvement in terrorism activities in country. The apprehension of Kulbhushan Yadhav is a proof to the fact that India wants to destabilize Pakistan through its spy agency RAW. Moreover, Indian nexus with Iran and Afghanistan and using the soil of these countries for the nefarious designs against Pakistan is no more hidden. It is an Indian strategy that the immediate neighbor is the enemy and the neighbors of the immediate neighbor are friends. Today, the militants once again targeted Gwadar port but in response our security forces killed eight terrorists. The border management between Pakistan and Afghanistan and Pakistan and Iran needs to be further strengthened as safeguarding long borders with these two countries is a tough task. India is financing militant organizations like TTP and BLA. Pakistan reserves all the rights according to article 51 of the UN Charter to have controlled response to the cowardly terrorist attacks. Our valiant security forces with the support of nation are committed to defeat the menace of terrorism from the country.