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Muslims burnt alive, churches attacked daily in modern India
February 20, 2023

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As the World Day of Social Justice is being celebrated across the globe, minorities are being persistently hounded under Narendra Modi government in India where, only this week, two Muslims were burnt alive by a Hindutva gang in Haryana state.

According to Kashmir Media Service, the day is marked worldwide to ensure the treating of minorities with equality, the cornerstone of social justice, but Muslims, Christians, Dalits and Sikhs are deprived of social justice, and are treated as 2nd class citizens in India.

The minorities in India complain that persecution of Muslims, Christians, Sikhs and low-caste Hindus has increased manifold since BJP came to power, while Hindutva leaders are openly calling for violence against Muslims and other minorities in India.

They urged the global community to come forward to prevent India from purging the country of all minorities as per RSS-BJP’s Hindutva ideology.