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Ruxandra Obreja appreciates Info Minister speech at DRM IBC
September 19, 2023

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Chairperson of the Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium Ruxandra Obreja says understanding and commitment of Pakistan government and Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation to Digital Radio Mondiale (DRM) has certainly caught everybody’s attention internationally.

In a letter addressed to the Caretaker Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Murtaza Solangi, she said Pakistan has chosen clearly its full digital path of going for DRM in all bands and has a well-thought-out plan of implementation. 

The medium wave initiative is on its way and a quick DRM for FM introduction in one or two of the major Pakistani cities would be a very quick win.

Ruxandra Obreja said getting Pakistan Broadcasting Corporation back into the UK based Consortium and as a key member of our Steering Board would strengthen our cooperation.

The Chairperson of the Digital Radio Mondiale Consortium said we offer free consultancy, support and the chance for a two-way cooperation that would be beneficial to both Pakistan and the Consortium.

She said there are also receiver options announced at the DRM IBC Showcase that could benefit the country and its citizens offering options to acquire them at a reasonable price.

Ruxandra Obreja also lauded the Caretaker Information Minister for his speech at the DRM IBC Showcase saying it impressed the participants from around the world.