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Death anniversary of legendary actor Muhammad Ali observed
March 19, 2023


The 17th death anniversary of legendary Pakistani actor Muhammad Ali was observed today.

Mohammad Ali was born on 19th April, 1931 at Rampur in India.

He joined Radio Pakistan Hyderabad station as a broadcaster in 1956, where his elder brother Irshad was already working as a drama artist. Later, he moved to Radio Pakistan Karachi where its then Director General Zulfiqar Ali Bukhari became his mentor for his acting career.

Mohammad Ali started his film career with Fazal Ahmad Karim Fazli's film Chiragh Jalta Raha in 1962. He was the lead actor and 'hero' in 94 films.

He won ten Nigar awards in his long film career starting from 1964 to 1984.

Mohammad Ali died on this day in 2006 due to heart attack in Lahore.